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Sophie Marquis



Ma volonté est de vous proposer de poser un nouveau regard sur vous-même et sur votre parcours, pour toujours plus de compréhension, d'acceptation et de liberté d'être !

Soyez curieux.

Hello, and Welcome !

I am Sophie and I live in the Lot (France), in the countryside of Cahors. 

I realized that there was an invisible world while walking on the Way of St James, all the way to Santiago de Compostela. Soon after that, I discovered astrology during a reading which amazed me !

I understood that astrology provided answers, that it was a real key. I had finally found my instructions manual ! I felt confortable in all my contradictions, and that was really precious. I immediately wanted to know all about how to read a chart.

Since then, I have trained and continue to learn through courses, internships, books and also through experience. I did not confine myself to one movement or one school, I varied the sources and orientations to enrich and make this tool my own.

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