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Sophie Marquis


Thème astral

Astrology to reunite with your true self, to claim ownership of your life and to make sense of it all.

What to expect ?

Entrusting someone to read your birth chart can sometimes be sensitive. You might not know what to expect and what is going to be said. Please read the FAQ so that you can have a better understanding of what it entails. 

Keep in mind that I am only an interpreter and that I am here to listen to your life experience and reflect on it. Come as you are ! A birth chart doesn't make much sense if no one brings it to life ! My sessions are an open and safe space.


My job is to help you better understand how you work, your struggles, the dead ends, but also the opportunities and the best way that can lead you to your evolution and accomplishment.


Which astrology ?

There are different kinds of astrology. The one I practice is a humanistic and evolutionary astrology, meaning the person is sovereign of their chart and what they do with it. 

More precisely, I do tropical astrology and I use the Regiomontanus house system. 

Ancre 1
full reading


Reading of your chart to dive into the depth of your being.

Includes guidance on the present energies 

By videocall. Possibilty to record

  • en visio, ou à domicile (secteur Cahors, 46)

  • possibilité d'enregistrement

In order to edit your birth chart, DATE + TIME + PLACE of birth are fundamental. Please provide them when making your booking.

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