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Sophie Marquis


My desire is to offer you a new perspective about yourself and your journey.

For greater acceptance and freedom !

I am Sophie, I am 34 and I live in the South of France, in the Lot near the medieval town of Cahors. ​I am a Capricorn and my rising sign is Gemini.


My interest for Astrology comes from a time when I needed to make sense to what I was experiencing as well as support in putting into words the way I saw the world. I was coming back from a pilgrimage all the way to Santiago de Compostela, I felt that my soul and spirit had broadened and was clearly in a quest for perspective and understanding. 


After receiving a very uncomplete reading by answering an ad in a random magazine in exchange of 5 stamps, I decided to find a true astrologer for a deeper analysis. As she read through my chart, I felt so relieved !

What a joy ! What a relief ! All my contradictions were legitimate ! After looking for my instruction manual for so many years, it was finally right under my eyes ! 

​This reading was a true revelation. And suddenly, I wanted to know it all : what is this symbol ? how can planets have an impact on us ? Why are there blue and red lines in the middle of my chart ? So we all carry the twelve signs within us ?

I saw a way to reconcile with myself and to nurture my growing spirituality.

So here I went, learning astrology. After studying José-Anne Sarazin Côté's astrology class, I then deepened my understanding thanks to Tristan Balguerie, a true mentor. Since then, astrology is part of my life. I am not constantly looking at the stars but the knowledge and the wisdom that come from it are very much present into my daily life. The astrology I practice is not a predictive one, but is an astrology that allows a deep understanding of oneself.

I consider this discipline a gift. It isa precious heritage binding the matter and the subtil, the divine and the human, without ever breaking them apart. Each of us embody a precise moment of the universe. How good does it feel in your heart that no matter your origin, your culture or your past, you ARE part of it all ?


Thanks to symbolism and archetypes, astrology gives access to the secret laws of the universe. It gives us the opportunity to know and understand our true self, as well as being guided.

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