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Sophie Marquis


  • What happens during an astrology session ?
    Astrology readings are a conversation during which I give you guidance according to your astral chart. The topics covered during a consultation are not predefined in advance, we discuss specific aspects of your chart depending on the reason that brings you. The readings can physically take place in Concots, in the Lot. We can also arrange an appointment by telephone or visio. It usually lasts 1h to 1h30.
  • Do I need to have knowledge of astrology? Or particular beliefs?
    It is absolutely not necessary to know astrology to call on an astrologer. This is a very dense discipline and the astrologer is there to provide you with an interpretation of the skies. Just as the translator translates for people who do not understand a foreign language, the astrologer interprets the symbolic language of the stars. As for beliefs, astrology is actually based on a vision of the world which is intended to be spiritual. It is a knowledge which allows us to begin a dialogue with our soul but which is not compartmentalized by dogmas.
  • Where can I find my birth time ?
    The date, place and time of birth are compulsory in order to establish your birth chart. If you do not know your time of birth, you can look in your health record, or contact your town hall where you were born who will issue you a Birth Certificate on which the time of birth appears. You are also encouraged to speak with your relatives to know for specific details around your birth day and time.
  • Do you already know everything about me before our meeting?
    Astrology is vast and allows a very deep understanding of the world and human beings ! However, the birth chart is nothing if there is no one to bring it to life. So, even though I prepare our meeting ahead, I can only know about the major themes of your life and certain dynamics of your personality, I have no idea how it manifest in your life. For example, I can easily identify a difficulty in finding one's place, certainly coming from a great need for security which couldn't be met in a dysfunctional home environment, but I know neither your story nor your experience. This belongs to you. I'm not making predictions. Astrology is not clairvoyance.
  • Is it possible to have a written transcript of our session?
    No, I do not provide you with a written document after your consultation. However, you have complete freedom to take notes during our exchange, you can also record our exchange. When consultations take place by video, I will ask you if you would like me to record. You can then recover the video.
  • Is one appointment enough?
    It all depends on your expectations! Most people use astrology on a very occasional basis. This allows you to put a particular matter into perspective and very often it stops there. For others, the integration of astrology takes several times, and some others, they will call upon astrology every year at the time of their birthday (this is what we call the Solar Revolution).
  • Why are the constellations out of sync with the signs of the zodiac?
    Because they are two different astrologies! It is sidereal astrology that is based on the constellations as they appear in the sky. For my part, and like the majority of Western astrologers, I use tropical astrology: being based on the seasons. The tropical zodiac begins at the time of the spring equinox with the sign of Aries, then the signs follow one another respecting a regular interval of 30°. The twelve signs thus form a 360° loop around the Earth.

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